Global Immunological & Infectious Diseases Review

Global Immunological and infectious diseases Review (GIIDR) is published by Humanity Publications, a leading publishing house in Pakistan in research and analytics, that assists researchers in advancing research outcomes for societal benefit. To wipe out societal ills and to add the humanity by boosting up measures among the individuals of the global society. GIIDR intends to promote qualitative and quantitative researches and findings with the help of newly emerging tools and patterns utilized in experiments, observations, interviews, analysis and surveys by encircling all major segments of Pharmaceutical Studies and its academic and research disciplines. GIIDR is a double-blind peer-reviewed research journal which encompasses major disciplines of Immunology and infectious diseases.

GIID aims to bring the latest informative, thought-provoking, Novel research and review articles that advocates change in or illuminates Infectious disease Clinical Practice and advancements in the Immunological understandings to make a significant contribution in improvising the immunological applications to treat various infectious diseases. GIID intends to be a platform for public and researchers encouraging them to explore the scientific knowledge as well as publish their rigorous findings in Transmitted diseases and Immunity. GIID provides a convenient, unbiased and comprehensive publishing environment ensuring the authenticity & innovation by the fair and constructive peer-review process to deliver the relevant and outstanding science to the public.

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